Fondacija CURE

Fondacija CURE je feminističko aktivistička organizacija koja se zalaže za jednakost spolova i rodova putem obrazovnih umjetničko-kulturnih i istraživačkih programa.


CURE Foundation is a feminist-activist organization which promotes gender and sex equality and works for positive social changes through educational, cultural and research programs. By organizing affirmative actions, CURE celebrates the strength and power of women, and helps empowering individuals, so that they can become initiators of social changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. The feminist activism has created a safe area, in which the women are strong, fearless, competent, and united with all their differences. CURE is an organization of professionals and volunteers who go out on the streets as a sign of protest against violence, discrimination, violation of laws and basic human rights. Furthermore, CURE organizes art performances against violence, invites artists, scholars, lecturers, activists, and citizens to act, participate, and contribute in creating a better, sounder Bosnian-Herzegovinian society.

VISION OF CURE: CURE strives for gender equality to be recognized and to exist in every - both private and public - segment of the society in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the world. Positive social changes should be realized through common efforts and collaboration of all individuals and organizations involved in promoting human rights and women should actively participate in the development of the society by occupying decision-making positions and through creative ways of expression.

MISSION OF CURE: is to open Multimedia Center for Women and Girls, as a step towards creating resources beneficial for Herstory, as well as a foundation for teaching and empowering women, girls, and all people of younger generations.

We invite you to join us!



2010-11-11 13:48:04